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The Ranch Foreman

The Ranch Foreman - Rob Colton This was just what I needed. The Ranch Foreman is a short, sweet story about a man who moves onto a cattle ranch and falls in love with the foreman. Not many frills to be found here. Both the story and the characters are straight forward. And it works. Matty is a sweet guy, with boyish good looks, who clearly cares for the animals he works with. Baxter, on the other hand, is older, bigger, rougher and way moodier. I have to be honest, the whole "young twink attracts older bear/hunk" is a major guilty pleasure of mine. So, I was already hooked from the get go.

The book does have a few moments that had the potential to go full-blown angst, however the writer kept the angst levels low and used the scenes to show some tentative relationship growth between the two men. Having said that, Baxter is broody during most of the book, and he only opens up near the very end. I didn't mind it, as there was clear sexual tension between the two from the get go.

A light, fun read.